Striving for INCLUSION, CONNECTION, ADVOCACY, RESOURCES, EDUCATION and more for the Exceptionally Abled in our reach.

Our Mission: To provide Inclusion, Connection, Advocacy, Resources and Education to all in our community, and to improve the lives of the families of the Exceptionally Abled in South Central Mississippi.

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Every kid deserves the chance to “just be a kid”. And every person deserves an opportunity to live their life to their fullest potential. We help children and parents navigate through the difficulties that come from having a child or family member with special needs. As parents and caregivers, we literally have “skin in the game” ourselves. We have years of experience and have been through the hard stuff. We can provide a playbook of resources that will help your child or family member thrive socially, academically, physically, and emotionally. If you need help or would like to help, please contact us.

Being a parent of a child with special needs can be overwhelming.

We started as a group of caretakers who saw the need this community has for its most fragile members. We’ve been through the hard stuff as well as the good stuff. We know what it’s like when you first hear a diagnosis, and what a joy it is to see our children’s breakthrough accomplishments. We can provide resources and training, and hold your hand both literally and figuratively through the difficult moments. From that experience rose a plan of action to meet the needs of this community through fundraising, support, love, and hope.

Everyone deserves the feeling of self worth that comes with a job well done.

Every person has God-given abilities, and deserves to be a contributing member of their community. From helping locate needed resources and suitable educational opportunities and therapies to finding meaningful employment later on, we want individuals with special needs to realize that they’re not just “able”—they’re “Exceptionally Able.” We want to set the standard for inclusion in the workplace.

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We need your help

It’s about much more than building awareness. For each donation, you can give these Exceptionally Abled kids and adults a measure of hope, and a chance to pave their own way.
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